Erard Square Piano

Type: Square Piano

Collection: Kolthoorn Collection

Manufacturer: Erard

Year: 1842

Geography: Paris / France

Current location: Not on display

General description: Erard action inside a rosewood case with decorative moulding. Ivory naturals with ebony sharps. Original soundboard with a cutoff bar to prevent sound loss in the part of the soundboard. Metal hitchpin plate with two metal bars. The piano is single strung from CC-C with wrapped strings, the rest of the piano is bichord. Square tuning pins that may be original.

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Additional information

Compass: CC-e4

Pedals: moderator, damper

Octaves: 6 1/2


On the nameboard: Par Brevet D'invention / Erard / a Paris

Edition/serial number: 15359

Literature references: This piano can be found in the original Erard ledgers under the serial number 15359. The information included in the ledger contains the date the piano was purchased as well as who purchased it in 1842, and where the piano was originally sent, which in this case was Rotterdam:

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