Philips radio

Type: Radio

Manufacturer: Philips

Year: 1928

Geography: Eindhoven / Netherlands

Columbia phonograph

Type: Phonograph

Manufacturer: Columbia Graphophone Company

Year: 1900

Geography United States

HMV gramophone

Type: Gramophone

Manufacturer: His Masters Voice

Year: 1910

Geography: London / England

Spanish barrel piano

Type: Mechanical piano

Manufacturer: Vicente Llinares

Year: 1960

Geography: Barcelona / Spain

Piano Melodico

Type: Mechanical piano

Manufacturer: Wilhelm Spaethe

Year: 1910

Geography: Gera / Germany

Tracker bar pump

Type: Accessories

Manufacturer: Edition Musicale Perforée

Year: 1920

Geography: Paris / France

Kästner Autopiano

Type: Piano

Manufacturer: Zimmermann & Kästner

Year: 1925

Geography: Leipzig / Germany

Brinsmead Angelus piano

Type: Piano

Manufacturer: Brinsmead + Wilcox & White

Year: 1910

Geography: London & Meriden (Conn.) / England and United States

Ibach Pianola piano

Type: Piano

Manufacturer: Ibach & Aeolian Company

Year: 1912

Geography: Barmen & New York / Germany and United States

Gevaert Pneuma piano

Type: Piano

Manufacturer: Gevaert and Kull & Klatt

Year: 1920

Geography: Gent & Berlin / Belgium & Germany

Kästner Autopiano

Type: Piano

Manufacturer: Zimmermann and Kästner

Year: 1920

Geography: Leipzig / Germany

Günther Odeola piano

Type: Pianola

Manufacturer: Günther & Odeola

Year: 1920

Geography: Brussel & Paris / Belgium & France