Graf Grand Piano

Type: Grand Piano

Collection: Geelvinck Collection

Manufacturer: Conrad Graf

Year: 1836

Geography: Vienna / Austria

Dimensions (cm): L=244 W=126 H=38

Current location: On display at the Luther Museum in Amsterdam

General description: Viennese action, ivory naturals with bone fronts, and ebony-topped sharps, all of which are typical of Graf pianos. Cherrywood case on three legs with brass casters. Divided bridge, bichord until EE, trichord above. Four pedals attached to a lyre: sustain, keyboard shift, moderator, double-moderator.

Instrument Video

Additional information

Performance characteristics: See video 2:34-4:45

Keyboard width: CCC-g3

Pedals: sustain, keyboard shift, moderator, double-moderator


CONRAD GRAF/Kaiserl: Kön: Hof – Fortepianomacher/WIEN/nachst der Carls-Kirche im Mondschein No 102

Edition/serial number: 2505

Context: Graf pianos such as this one were made to the highest quality and because of that, a large number still survive to this day. Graf pianos were favored by many famous contemporary artists such as Beethoven, Chopin, Schumann etc. In addition, they were owned by a number of royal families as they were some of the most renowned instruments in all of Europe. These pianos were some of the first to be made with an industrialized building process, where different people were responsible for building different parts which were then brought together and assembled.

Literature references: Novak, Martha. Makers of the Piano. Vol. 2, Oxford University Press, 1999.

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