Jones, Round & Co Upright Grand Piano

Type: Cabinet Grand Piano

Collection: Kolthoorn Collection

Manufacturer: Jones, Round & Co

Year: c. 1810

Geography: London / England

Dimensions (cm): L=57 W=120 H=265

Current location: Not on display

General description: Upright Grand action inside a Cuban mahogany case with satinwood inlay. Ivory naturals with ebony sharps. Divided bridge. Trichord throughout, the last two notes have wrapped strings. The inside of the case contains several shelves.

Additional information

Compass: CC-c4

Pedals: una corda, damper

Octaves: 6


On the nameboard: Jones Round & Co / Upright, Grand and Square Piano Forte / Makers / To his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales / No 11 Golden Square / London

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