Kruger Grand Piano

Type: Grand Piano

Collection: Geelvinck Collection

Manufacturer: Kruger, Oskar

Year: c.1870

Geography: Vienna / Austria

Dimensions (cm): L=227 W=140 H=44

Current location: Not on display

General description: Walnut case with a rosewood nameboard decorated with mother of pearl and grey metal inlay. Ivory naturals with ebony sharps. Metal hitchpin rail with three bars. Divided bridge. This is mainly a trichord piano, with iron wrapped bass strings. Flat head tuning pins. Felt on leather hammer heads, except for the treble which is only leather,

Additional information

Compass: AAA-a4

Pedals: una corda, damper

Octaves: 7


On the nameboard: Oskar Kruger / In Wien

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