Longman & Broderip Square Piano

Type: Square Piano

Collection: Sweelinck Collection

Manufacturer: Longman & Broderip

Year: c.1794

Geography: London / England

Dimensions (cm): L=57 W=157 H=22

Current location: Not on display

General description: Single action in a mahogany case with crossbent inlay. The nameboard has an inlaid lyre design. The piano has a chassis with square tapered legs. Bone naturals with ebony sharps. Bichord. The dampers are screwed into the keys. Tall jacks and tuning pins. Original soundboard and dust cover.

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Additional information

Compass: FF-f4

Pedals: none

Octaves: 6


On the nameboard: New Patent / On Additional Keys / By Longman & Broderip / Musical Instrument Makers / No. 26 Cheapside & No. 13 Haymarket / London

Edition/serial number: 15670

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