Muller Giraffe Piano

Type: Giraffe Piano

Collection: Sweelinck Collection

Manufacturer: Muller, J.D .

Year: 1815

Geography: Amsterdam / Netherlands

Dimensions (cm): L=210 W=116 H=61

Current location: Not on display

General description: Mahogany case. Bone naturals with ebony sharps. Single bridge. The piano is bichord from FF-D, while the rest is trichord. Leather hammer heads. Original soundboard and original square tuning pins.

Additional information

Compass: FF-f4

Pedals: bassoon, moderator, double moderator, Janissary, una corda

Octaves: 6


On the nameboard: J.D. MULLER / in

Context: Giraffe pianos were made for the middle class who wanted a piano with the same range as a grand piano but did not have the floor space for one. Giraffe pianos were able to fill this desire with the case being built vertically to save on floor space.

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