Schleip Lyre Piano

Type: Lyre Piano

Collection: Sweelinck Collection

Manufacturer: Johann Christian Schleip

Year: c.1830

Geography: Berlin / Germany

Dimensions (cm): L=59 W=125 H=225

Current location: On display at Huize Kolthoorn

General description: Upright fortepiano in lyra-form case raised on four scrolling legs with lion's paws to the front.

Additional information

Keyboard width: CC-a4

Pedals: keyboard shift, bassoon, damping

Context: Johann Christian Schleip (1786-1848) began his career working in a piano workshop in Tungeda, the town where he was born. In 1818 Schleip moved to Berlin and founded his own workshop. Schleip was renowned for his lyre pianos such as this one.

Decorative features: This piano was one of the first to use tropical wood for hammer shanks.

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