Thomas Tomkison Square Piano

Type: Square Piano

Collection: Kolthoorn Collection

Manufacturer: Tomkison, Thomas

Year: c.1820

Geography: London / England

Current location: Not on display

General description: Double English action in a pyramid mahogany case. Ivory naturals with ebony sharps. Metal hitchpin plate for structural integrity. Crank damping system. Eight bass strings are single strung and the rest are double. The pedal has a component number of 362. In addition, on the soundboard there is written "Sanders 562" which refers to a foreman or craftsman who was responsible for putting together that particular part of the instrument, perhaps more. The number potentially refers to component parts that were put together by different craftsmen or to a specific model of piano using certain styles of innovations.

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Additional information

Octaves: 6


On the nameboard: Tho's Tomkison Dean Street Soho / Maker to / his Majesty

Edition/serial number: 2073

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