Van Der Does Square Piano

Type: Square Piano

Collection: Sweelinck Collection

Manufacturer: Van der Does, Corneille Charles Emanuel

Year: c.1825

Geography: Amsterdam / Netherlands

Dimensions (cm): W=166

Current location: Not on display

General description: Pyramid mahogany case with a French damping system. Ivory naturals with ebony sharps. Five pedals attached to a lyre, the pedals being a moderator, lute, piano, sustain, and swell. The 'piano' pedal works by lifting up the hammers so when a key is pressed there is less power hitting the string, thus make the sound softer. In 1846 Marinus Roos, another piano maker, renewed the strings on this piano. This can be seen by writing on the soundboard with the name "Marinus Roos" and the date, "1846."

Additional information

Pedals: moderator, lute, piano, sustain, swell

Octaves: 6


On the nameboard: Van der Does / Amsterdam

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