Freudenthaler, Jean-Guillame (1761-1824)

Jean-Guillame Freudenthaler (1761-1824) was born near Heilbronn in what is now Germany. From a young age, Freudenthaler began working for the piano workshop of Silbermann in Strasbourg, and after that for Erard in Paris. In 1788, Freudenthaler made a trip to London where he learned about the construction of grand pianos and the English form of piano manufacturing. Upon his return to Paris, he established his own firm making pianos in the way that he learned in London. Freudenthaler’s pianos were known for being simple from a mechanical point of view, but they were made well and had a good sound. Upon his death in 1824, the firm passed down to Freudenthaler’s two sons who continued the business for another ten years or so before closing down.

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